A Movie Distributor Once Pull Out Of A Movie Because Of EXO’s D.O., Here’s The Details…

Even D.O. had to prove himself

The behind story of EXO D.O.‘s latest movie, Swing Kids, shows how much he had to work hard to prove himself as an actor. Since he has been highly praised for his acting skills, many fans think it was easy for D.O. to find movies that want to cast him, but even the hottest stars need to show what they got in order to achieve something they want.

Swing Kids’ director, Kang Hyung Chul, knew he found the perfect person to play Roh Gisoo, when he met D.O. for the first time. He said he knew it had to be D.O. the moment he laid eyes on him.

“When I saw D.O. for the first time, it was like he walked out of the scenario. I thought everything D.O. did up to that point was to be apart of this movie.”

However, CJ E&M, the main distributor of the movie were against hiring D.O. as the main character because his talent was not valid to invest 10 billion KRW. When director Kang stood by his decision to cast D.O. no matter what, CJ E&M pulled out of the movie, which threatens the entire production.

As the production team struggled to keep the movie afloat, only thing D.O. could do was to practice. He was well aware of what was happening, but couldn’t do anything about it. He practiced every day for 5 months, and when it was time to start shooting the movie, D.O. volunteered to shave his head to better understand his character.

Luckily, the movie Swing Kids opened in the top spot at the box office and brought in more than 1 million audiences within the first week.

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Source: V Live