“Moving” Actor Lee Jung Ha Gained 30 Kg For His Role— Here’s How He Looks Like Normally

He looks totally different!

With the recent release of Disney+’s new series, Moving, actor Lee Jung Ha gained much attention for his appearance in the drama.

“Moving” press conference

He revealed during the press conference that he gained 30 kg (~66 lbs) to play the role of Kim Bong Seok. He stated, “I was really happy to be able to eat. As I gradually gained weight, I wanted to become Bong Seok as soon as possible, and the more I gained, the more I could see him.”

After hearing this, his Instagram flooded with fans as they were able to take a glimpse at his everyday life.

His visuals gave off idol vibes, receiving a positive response from netizens.

Netizens were shocked at how different he looked and praised him for his efforts to play the role of Kim Bong Seok.

Lee, now losing weight after filming the series, stated, “I was worried because my body got heavier after gaining weight, but after losing it, I became lighter and felt healthy because I exercised while adjusting my diet.”

Born in 1998, he first became known through the KBS2 idol rebooting project, The Unit, in 2017. Since then, he has appeared in a number of web drams, including JTBC’s Run On, Nevertheless, and more.

Source: topstarnews