A K-Drama Writer Used Candy To Persuade A Popular Actress To Take A Role

The writer didn’t want anyone else to play the character 😂

Beginning in 2002, visual artist and writer Kang Full published over twenty webtoons across the span of his long career. His works became so popular that they’ve birthed many successful film adaptations like 26 Years and Timing.

Since Moving was his first web series adaptation, Kang Full used a hilariously unusual method to get a popular actress to play one of the lead roles.

Kang Full

During an episode of MMTG, Jae Jae mentioned actress Han Hyo Joo‘s worries about taking the role of Mi Hyun, a mother to a high school student. She was so unsure that Kang Full could tell “she was about to refuse the role.

To play the mother of a grade twelve [teenager], I am a bit concerned. Will I look like a mother?

— Han Hyo Joo

After seeing Han Hyo Joo in person, Kang Full was convinced she was the right actress for the role and wouldn’t let her think otherwise.

I really liked her. When I saw her on the first day, I said, ‘You can do it!’ and told her she is more than able to play the role. And then she became quiet. I wanted her to take the role so bad.

— Kang Full

When encouragement wouldn’t work, Kang Full attempted to persuade Han Hyo Joo by revealing that actor Jo In Sung would play the role of her husband. He told her how “beautiful” they would look as an on-screen couple.

To seal the deal, Kang Full even gave Han Hyo Joo candy to go along with his “sugar-coated words.” It seems like his efforts to persuade the actress paid off.

Kang Full’s sweet words came true with Han Hyo Joo and Jo In Sung having so chemistry as an on-screen couple that viewers and the drama’s own staff couldn’t get enough of their romance.

Han Hyo Joo | Ilgan Sports
Han Hyo Joo even thanked everyone who was part of Moving for helping her grow as an actor because of how different the role had been.

| @hanhyojoo222/Instagram

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