Here Is How Much Discipline It Takes To Have EXO Kai’s Physique


If you are a normal person living in Korea, you know Jja jang myun is a dish you just can’t turn down. The sweet smell and savory taste make people hungry as soon as they see it in front of them. Especially when someone is eating it in front of you.

On a recent episode of Lee Sugeun‘s channel, EXO‘s Kai, Sehun and Baekhyun join the rest of the cast to eat Jja Jang Myun after playing the billiard games. When everyone was grabbing a chopstick to start mixing the sauce, Kai quietly brought his chicken breasts.


He explained he was trying to lose weight so he has to eat his own food instead of Jja Jang Myun. Lee Sugeun asks Sehun and Baekhyun why Kai is the only one who’s restraining himself, Sehun laughed and said, “We don’t manage our bodies.”

Lee Sugeun offered Kai a bite but Kai firmly said no. It seemed like he wasn’t bothered by others eating Jja Jang Myun at all. This man is made of steel.

Baekhyun felt bad so he offered only the sauce to mix with Kai’s chicken, but Kai did not give in to temptation. This is unheard of. He’s should be the only person who can do this.

This made us appreciate your god-like body Kai. You got our respect!

Watch the full episode here: