How Much Do BTS’s Songwriters Earn? Former Producer Reveals His Royalties

JUNE’s response was both intriguing and eye-opening.

BTS has undeniably taken the world by storm with their incredible music and unparalleled success. Fans often wonder about the behind-the-scenes magic that goes into creating their chart-topping hits. And now, thanks to a recent interview with one of the group’s former producers JUNE, we finally have some insights into the financial side of things. JUNE sat down with HeyDay on YouTube and shared his candid opinions on BTS, shedding light on what it’s like to work with the biggest boy group in the world.



JUNE, who has contributed to the creation of numerous BTS songs, including the heartfelt b-sides “Awake” and “Lost” from their album Wings, as well as the electrifying title track “Not Today” from You Never Walk Alone, gave us a glimpse into the world of royalties and income generated by these massive hits.

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During the interview, the burning question was finally asked: How much do songwriters earn in royalties from BTS songs? JUNE’s response was both intriguing and eye-opening. With a humble smile, he revealed a general estimate of his earnings without being too candid about the numbers.

I’d say I’ve earned about a price of a car.


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The income generated from songwriting royalties can vary significantly depending on various factors, such as the popularity and commercial success of the songs. While JUNE didn’t disclose an exact figure, his reference to the price of a car gives fans a rough estimate of the potential earnings.

Considering the immense global popularity of BTS and their massive fanbase, it’s safe to assume that the royalties for their songs can be substantial. With their songs topping charts worldwide and amassing billions of streams, the financial rewards for those involved in the creative process are undoubtedly significant.


However, it’s important to note that JUNE’s statement reflects his personal earnings and does not represent the experiences of all songwriters involved in BTS’s music production. Royalties can vary depending on individual contracts, agreements, and the extent of involvement in the songwriting process.

Nonetheless, the producer’s revelation offers fans a glimpse into the financial opportunities that come with being a part of BTS’s songwriting team. It highlights the potential for songwriters to earn a substantial income through their contributions to the group’s phenomenal success.

Source: Heyday


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