Here’s Why Multiple Comebacks A Year Can Be Overwhelming According To ITZY’s Lia

We never thought of it this way!

ITZY has had a busy year with the group releasing the massively popular “마.피.아. In The Morning” followed by the group’s first full-length album Crazy In Love with the title track “LOCO.” During a recent interview with ForbesLia described the struggles that can come with so many comebacks in one year.

ITZY during “LOCO” promotions | ITZY/Facebook

She began by explaining that the group is able to keep pace with their multiple releases because “we’ve been preparing it one by one, one after the other.”

ITZY during “마.피.아. In The Morning” promotions | ITZY/Facebook

However, the issue comes with remembering the group’s catalog of songs.

So far I think we’re fine, but we just have a hard time when we have to remember our previous songs. That’s tough. Because we’re not always practicing the songs from our previous albums.

–– Lia

ITZY during “마.피.아. In The Morning” promotions | ITZY/Facebook

ITZY is approaching their third debut anniversary in February 2022, with the group having amassed six title tracks and multiple b-sides in that short period.

ITZY behind the scenes for their summer promotional single “Break Ice” | ITZY/Facebook

Not only can multiple comebacks create a backlog when it comes to remembering previous songs, but it also creates pressure, Lia explained.

ITZY during “Wannabe” promotions | ITZY/Facebook

She revealed that “especially when we first came out, our debut, the song “Dalla Dalla” was very much loved and lots of people gave us so much attention.”

ITZY during “Dalla Dalla” promotions | ITZY/Facebook

While the pressure may have begun with “Dalla Dalla,” Lia explained how it continues to build up as the group releases more songs.

So every time when we come out with a new song, there is definitely a pressure of having to be better than the previous song. There is definitely a pressure, but we try not to think about the pressure.


ITZY during “Dalla Dalla” promotions | ITZY/Facebook

Although it may be overwhelming, ITZY continues to work hard for their MIDZYs. When discussing the group’s appearance on Kelly Clarkson‘s show, Lia revealed that ITZY keeps working “Because we really want lots of people to enjoy music and gain energy and lots of good stuff from us.”

ITZY during “LOCO” promotions | ITZY/Facebook
Source: Forbes