“Music Bank” Director Reveals How The Ending Fairy For Each Performance Is Chosen

It’s a more complicated process than you might think!

Although they have always been popular amongst fans, the idea of ending fairies seems to have taken on a new lease of life. In the past, idols were praised for showcasing their stunning visuals, but now, artists are having more fun showing off their personalities.

SHINee’s Key & Taemin’s Music Bank ending fairy | KBS WORLD TV/YouTube 

One thing that fans wonder is how ending fairies are chosen. Sometimes, this iconic role is picked through games on music shows, such as M Countdown. Music Bank director Han Kyuong Cheon was asked how they specifically choose their ending fairies.

Han Kyuong Cheon explains that, before any performances, the show’s directors will create a storyboard for all the staff. In particular, this is very important for the camera staff.

They spend nearly a week learning and sharing the songs that will be featured on the show, as well as the faces of each member of the team and the choreography.

— Han Kyuong Cheon

It is this research and knowledge from the staff that allows them to pick which member is going to be the ending fairy for each performance. According to Han Kyuong Cheon, this is something that is picked beforehand through discussions by the directors who will then incorporate it into the storyboard.

Yet, it isn’t just as simple as looking at the member who might suit the concept the most. The staff has to consider a lot when making the decision.

They consider the camera movement and the choreography. With this, they decide ahead of time on who is going to be the ending fairy.

— Han Kyuong Cheon

With so much thought going into choosing each performance’s ending fairy, is it any surprise that they look so charming and have such an impact on fans. You can watch the whole video below.