Music Critic Gives Her Thoughts About The Lyrics For EXO Baekhyun’s “Candy”

Baekhyun is sweet just like candy.

Music critic Kim Yoonha held a recent live stream to talk about some of the latest K-Pop releases and took some time to share her thoughts about EXO Baekhyun’s new album.

Baekhyun released his second solo album Delight on May 25 along with the title track “Candy” music video. “Candy” features a more chill R&B style vibe that is accompanied by a trendy and pop-style choreography.

In the live stream, Kim states that when the term ‘candy’ is used, it is usually used in an abstract manner. Many male artists commonly use the term ‘candy’ to express what they receive from the other person as something sweet and something they can possess. But in the case of Baekhyun’s track, he uses the word ‘candy’ to express himself.

Kim feels that this way of expression holds a shift in perception and the way of thinking. It is natural for idol artists to want to be loved and to be something sweet for their fans. However, they have never expressed it in an active manner. They usually go about in one of two ways; with a sweet approach or ‘isn’t the way you feel about me something sweet’ approach.

But in the case of Baekhyun’s song, he uses the terms ‘Me’ and ‘You’ as the ‘candy’.

Kim closes by saying that there hasn’t been a song that actively used this term to describe the artist themselves and found it fresh and interesting to listen to the song.

You can watch the full live stream below (Baekhyun’s review starts at the 01:24:55 mark).