Music Director James Osorio Praises BTS Jin’s Vocals And Hopes To See Him In A Musical Soon

A true vocal king!

Recently, BTS performed “Permission to Dance” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and grabbed the attention of fans all over the world. Member Jin in particular, gained the attention of music director James Osorio. 

Osorio left comments under the video from the show and stated, “Jin’s intonation is so spot on and his high notes, especially those B4s on ‘worry’, always have resonance and support (and he’s the only one using a belt voice on that part!). A true belting king. My musical director heart is so happy! I would love to see him in a musical like ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, ‘Be More Chill’ or even ‘Frozen’ and ‘Wicked’ (as Fiyero!!!).”

He couldn’t help but praise Jin’s vocals and even hoped that he would be able to see him in a musical before he dies.

I need to see Jin in a musical before I die. Haha. I mean it’s not farfetched! He studied acting in college and he sings and dances…so…

— James Osorio

| @bts_official/Twitter

He also emphasized the fact that he had great technique and tone.

Because not only is he dancing but also has to constantly hit G#4s in proper intonation, resonance, and support. That’s already high for tenors.

He has a very good contemporary pop tone! Hence why I think songs from ‘Be More Chill’ or any male lead Disney song suits him!

— James Osorio

Take a look at the performance to see for yourself!

Source: xportsnews