American Music Experts discuss possibility of BTS getting a Grammy Award nomination

Music experts discussed whether BTS could be nominated as the Best New Artist for the 2018 Grammy Awards.

Billboard’s Kevan Kenney, Vibe’s Shenequa Golding, Mikey Fresh and music journalist John Norris sat down to discuss the potential nominees for the 2018 Grammy Awards.

They named some possible nominations, such as SZA, Cardi B, Logic, and BTS!

“It would be nice for the GRAMMYs to have more inclusive diversity like this….”

— John Norris, Music Journalist

While the Grammys have strict guidelines and qualification rules in place for nominations, the critics can’t ignore BTS’s recent global success.

“..You can’t deny the global impact that K-Pop, reggaeton or Latin trap are having in America. “

— Mikey Fresh Music Editor, Vibe

A.R.M.Y is freaking out about the possibility of BTS being nominated, claiming that it is such an honor even to be considered to be in the ceremony.

Nothing has been confirmed from both the Grammys representatives and BIGHIT Entertainment.

Source: @AMEL_BTS_twt

The Grammys nominations will be released on November 28th!

Check out their full coverage of BTS below.

Source: Billboard