Music store takes care of EXO-L’s waiting outside at For Life release

The kind and thoughtful actions of Hottracks employees at the release of For Life shocked fans.

With the high anticipation for EXO‘s winter album, For Life, many fans lined up outside the doors of Korean music store, Hottracks, in order to get the album. Hottracks’ employees were aware of the album’s release date, but also took notice of the cold weather as fans lined up early to get their hands on EXO’s album.

The employees went outside to check up on fans. They made sure fans were warm enough and handed out hand warmers.

The Hottracks employees also created separate booths for fans to exchange their photo cards. In return, fans purchased bandages and ointment for the employees to help avoid paper cuts and dry skin from passing out all the posters and albums.

EXO just released their For Life album and fans couldn’t be more thrilled as this year’s album designs looked absolutely beautiful.