“My Dearest” Cast Still Hasn’t Received The Script For The Last Episode: Will They Extend The Series?

The show will end with 21 episodes.

With just a week away from ending, MBC’s popular drama, My Dearest, still has not received the final script. According to officials, the script for the final episode, which is ten days away, has not yet been delivered to the actors.

“My Dearest” official poster | MBC

Recently, they stated, “We have not received the script for episode 20. The script for episode 19 came out just a week ago.” Although the entire filming team is working on a hectic schedule, considering the filming process for a historical drama, there are concerns that physical completion may be impossible.

However, MBC has already announced the follow-up drama that will begin broadcasting on November 24. If things continue like this, although a high-quality script will be produced, it may be difficult to film on schedule.

“My Dearest” official poster | MBC

The team must film episodes almost like a live broadcast with this schedule. One official stated, “Staff must adhere to the 52-hour work week, so filming is divided into Team A, B, and C. We are concerned about the health of the actors who have continued filming despite being overworked.”

However, most recently, MBC confirmed they will extend the series with an additional episode.

We carefully reviewed the proposal for the extended show broadcast, which is receiving much love, and decided to broadcast for one more episode. We will put more effort into important scenes in the latter half to improve the work’s quality and the story’s completeness.

Regarding the decision to extend the broadcast, MBC stated, “As this decision was made to properly express the deepening love story of the two main characters and the story of the prisoners’ return, we ask for your interest and love until the end.”

Source: spotvnews and xportsnews