The Mystery Behind Jisoo’s Breath Required Professional Attention

A doctor of internal medicine addressed the mystery.

A photo of BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo breathing at Incheon International Aiport last month received unexpected attention.

Jisoo’s breath, which appeared to be between 70 cm to 100 cm long started a peculiar discussion on online communities.

“Does Jisoo have extraordinary lung capacity?”

“That is no ordinary breath.”

“It looks like her soul is leaving her body.”

Since so many netizens were curious about this mysterious breath, a doctor of internal medicine was consulted about this case.

According to the doctor, the length of her breath has nothing to do with her lung capacity.

He also pointed out many possible variables that affect the length of one’s breath:

“Since breaths are seen when a warm breath is met with cold air, they appear clearer if the temperature difference is bigger. Taking a big breath can lengthen one’s breath as well.”

However, the extraordinary length of Jisoo’s breath still remains a mystery…

Only BLACKPINK’s Jisoo knows the truth.

Source: SBS News