Rookie Group Reveals The True Reason Why Their Light-Sticks Are Potatoes

Potato light-sticks for the win!

N.FLYING‘s lightsticks are potatoes and it has caught the attention of everyone in K-Pop. It’s not a lightstick designed to look like a potato or a cute plastic potato, but an actual, edible potato.

The reason why their lightsticks are potatoes is very simple. It is because their new comeback song is called “Hot Potato.”

N.FLYING also revealed more about their potato light sticks in a radio show interview.

“We buy new potatoes every week [for music show] promotions. We buy around 3 boxes of potatoes. We wash the potatoes and cut the potatoes ourselves for our fans. We wanted to decorate the potatoes windmills but our agency said it was too time constraining. So we just did normal potatoes.”


This K-Pop Idol Group’s Lightstick Is Literally Just A Potato

Source: Herald Pop