How Being ‘Naked Buddies’ Solidified The Friendship Of BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Jisoo

Yes, they really used those words.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Jisoo solidified their friendship after only three days of knowing each other!

They revealed in Episode 87 of JTBC‘s Knowing Bros that they did something which made them immediately comfortable with each another.

The cast of the show had a few incorrect guesses such as, “When Jisoo was taking a shower, you went in and took a shower with her”…

…and, “You badmouthed another trainee at the company.”

Janghoon was a bit closer but still wrong when he said, “You practiced dancing really hard and sweated a lot, so you went to the sauna together and became close to each other while you washed and scrubbed.”

Finally, after a few more misses, Janghoon hit the bingo when he mentioned in the context of going to a public bathhouse together, “You held each other’s hands naked!”

Jennie explained the answer further.

It had only been three days since we met each other. We were both naked inside a hot tub and we talked about our dreams. We talked about our future goals.

– Jennie

Jisoo agreed that going to the public bathhouse bulldozed through any awkwardness.

We were very awkward around each other then. [Then] we complemented each other. ‘You can do it’…’Jisoo, you can do it too’…’You should perform on stage like this.’ We talked to each other like this. When I think about it now, I want to forget what we said [because it’s embarrassing].

– Jennie

Jennie shared that like fate, they even became roommates “after being naked buddies.”

By checking each other out, they were able to become best friends!

Check out the full episode below!

Source: YouTube


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