Nam Dohyun of “Produce X 101” Lets His Mom Know That He’s Alive Using a Very Special Method

“Giant Baby” Nam Dohyun is a very good son.

In recent days, a post titled, “The ‘Produce X 101 Trainee That Lets His Mom Know He’s Alive Every Day by Sending Her Selfies” has gained overwhelming attention in Korean online communities.

The trainee that this post is referring to is none other than Nam Dohyun of MBK Entertainment, who is well-known for having the most adorable baby face.

The shared post consists of multiple selfies of the popular Produce X 101 trainee looking cute and youthful as usual.

According to various sources, the selfies were taken by Nam Dohyun in order to let his mom know that he’s alive and well every single day.

It’s cute enough that he updates his mom on a regular basis of his well-being, but what takes it to the next level is the fact that he takes lovable selfies of himself to reassure her even further.

Check out some more selfies of Nam Dohyun below:



Source: Insight