Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Jong Suk Do Viral #KarmasABitch Challenge

They tried to get on the challenge bandwagon… but it all went wrong!

Riverdale Veronica Lodge created a brand new challenge with three simple words, “Karma’s a bitch.”


Fans from all over the world began a challenge where they show a drastic transformation by throwing up a scarf or a sheet.


And national heartthrobs, Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Jong Suk have gotten on board with the challenge!


Nam Joo Hyuk was in a simple red sweater with messy hair, until he decided karma was a bitch.

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Lee Jong Suk was shy and casual until he threw his towel and turned into a dandy prince!

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But apparently… they totally failed!


They were handsome before and became even more handsome!


Clearly, that was not the purpose of this challenge!


Fans deemed both of the men unfit for the challenge…


But couldn’t deny that their “challenges” were total eye-candy!