Nam Taehyun Spotted DJing at a Korean Club

Nam Taehyun has been extremely active since leaving YG Entertainment, but nobody expected him to become a DJ!

Taehyun was previously a part of the idol group, WINNER, since their debut in 2013. They were active until 2015 where they went on hiatus and the members pursued their solo activities.

Taehyun left YG Entertainment on November 18th and ever since then, he has been active on social media. Since he left the company, he has been seen traveling, making music, and even DJing!

On December 16th, fans spotted the musician at Club Circle, which is located in Seoul. Multiple fans took pictures and videos of Taehyun while he was at the club.

Taehyun is mostly known for his slow ballads which match his sweet voice but lately, he has been experimenting with electronic music! On his official Soundcloud, he has recently been posting deep house tracks. Looks like Taehyun wants to start producing a new type of music.

Fan cams show Taehyun dancing and enjoying his time at the club! One of the regular DJs at the club, Junseong Yang, shared a video of Taehyun as well. Check out some of the videos below!

It’s amazing that Taehyun is still deeply involved in music and we can’t wait to see what he comes out with next.