Nana Talks About How She Felt Exposing Her Breasts In New Movie

After School’s Nana showed her true professionalism when she shared her thoughts about exposing her breast in an upcoming movie, where she debuts as a female lead.

While her singing career was on hiatus for years, Nana has been focusing on other acting projects.

Source: The Swindlers

Fans are extremely excited to see Nana working alongside big stars like Hyun Bin and Yoo Ji Tae in the film, The Swindlers.

As a con artist Chun Ja in the film, Nana will be exposing her breast in the movie, but regarding the scene, she explained that it did not bother her.

“I was not under any pressure (about the exposure).

I thought the character Chun Ja would have done the same because I know her to be able to do just about anything to be an accomplished con artist.”

— Nana

Source: The Swindlers

Nana was well known for her model-like figure and beautiful looks, making her naturally sexy when she does not even have to try.

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The Swindlers is a story about a group of con artists taking on an unusual mission, and it will debut at the theaters on November 22.

Fans are excited to see the film is set to open in overseas, so they could see Nana on a big screen.

Source: Dispatch 

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