MBLAQ’s Mir Reveals the Most Critical Symptom of the “Celebrity Disease” in Korean Idols

Mir explained the “celebrity disease” and how you can tell a star has reached their narcissistic peak.

MBLAQ‘s Mir recently uploaded a YouTube video explaining what the “celebrity disease” is and how you can spot narcissism at its peak with Korean celebrities.

Mir explained, “Celebrity disease is when a celebrity thinks their status has been elevated.


He continued, “This disease is actually more common in celebrities who are not as famous. It’s not seen as often in top stars. This disease makes them think that the world revolves around them and nothing can function without them.

Mir then shared the most common symptom in stars with the celebrity disease by adding, “The ones with the most severe celebrity disease aren’t capable of greeting people. They just glance at you and walk off.

He then shared some of his own experience with narcissistic idols which included an idol who sent everyone on the 2nd floor of a salon down to the 1st floor because they were tired, and another idol who asked Mir why he was wasting his time starring in useless variety shows.

But Mir also explained, “It’s really hard to find celebrities without the disease. Celebrities like TVXQ’s Yunho, Yang Se Chan, and Kim Kiri are really rare. They must have hidden angel wings on their backs.

Check out Mir’s full reveal below:

Source: Dispatch