National Producers Are Heartbroken After Seeing Produce X 101 Contestant Lee Jinhyuk Cry

Fans are heartbroken seeing Lee Jinhyuk cry.

During episode 11, viewers were shocked to see Maroo Entertainment trainee Lee Jinwoo, who previously ranked #8, drop to number 22. Since the finals would only include the top 20 trainees, he was eliminated from the show.

During his time on the show, Lee Jinwoo was known to have a special relationship with TOP Media artist Lee Jinhyuk. He lovingly calls Lee Jinhyuk “Dad”. Even during the field day before the eliminations, Jinwoo can be seen moving closer to Jinhyuk despite being in opposite teams.

Jinhyuk can even be seen with his arms around Jinwoo!

These two definitely had a close bond, and fans had already expected Jinwoo to debut with Jinhyuk. Some viewers have even hoped that they’d see more of their cute chemistry in a reality show if they were to debut together.

Sadly, this would not happen due to Jinwoo’s elimination from the show. All the trainees were shocked to find him ranked at #22, but none felt it more that Lee Jinhyuk. When the 20 trainees still in the competition got a chance to say good-bye to the eliminated trainee, Lee Jinhyuk was seen hugging Lee Jinwoo and ruffling his hair, crying.

The hearts of the viewers broke when seeing this, saying that even UP10TION fans have never seen him cry. Many believe that their bond is more than what was shown in the broadcast and that the two really treasured their bond. Fans feel sad that the two have to part ways, but hope that they will meet each other on the stage again one day.

Lee Jinhyuk is currently ranked #3 and will be heading to the finals.

Source: Pann