National Producers Are In Love With This Produce X 101 Trainee’s Duality

They’re falling for his charms!

MBK Entertainment‘s Nam Dohyun is stealing fan’s hearts with his charming duality!

Despite being the youngest contestant on Produce X 101, Nam Dohyun stands at 180CM. Still, he has a hamster-like baby face which fans adore!


When he’s on stage, Dohyun is serious. Gunning for the main rapper position, he shows off his swag and charism whenever he is on stage.



When he’s off-stage, however he acts like a regular 14-year-old! As the youngest trainee on the show, he isn’t afraid to show if his cute and childhish side.

He even let fellow MBK Entertainment trainee Lee Hangyul do his make-up during the field day! He’s definitely one of the babies of this season.

With how different Dohyun is off and on stage, many are wondering what other unique quirks the trainee hasn’t show yet!

Currently, Nam Dohyun is ranked #7 as of Episode 11 and will be advancing to the finals. National producers hope that he will be able to make it into the debut line-up and that he will join the final group as the main rapper.

Source: Pann