If Nayeon Is A Bunny…This Male Idol Is Definitely A Rabbit

Move over Nayeon, there’s another rabbit in the house!

Fans have well documented the fact that TWICE‘s Nayeon looks like a cute bunny because of her adorable looks, and she herself has even admitted she identifies as one.


But now fans are realizing that Nayeon isn’t alone, and that NCT‘s Doyoung also looks like a rabbit too!

They’re calling him “human bunny”!


Fans think his wide eyes, splayed teeth and thin face make him adorable.


When he smiles, he looks like a happy rabbit that just saw a carrot!


And he even moves like one!


His bandmates agree and tease him often.


Doyoung said that although at first he didn’t know he looked like a rabbit, now he can see the similarities.


He himself, like Nayeon, totally agrees that he’s a human bunny!