Nayeon Has Actually Been TWICE’s Real Maknae This Whole Time

Contrary to popular belief, Nayeon is actually TWICE‘s true maknae (youngest) member.

Although Nayeon is technically the oldest member in the group by age, she certainly doesn’t look like it.

ONCEs (TWICE fans) have pointed out that Nayeon really has a babyface, and sometimes looks even younger than Tzuyu, who is 4 years younger than her.

But appearances aside, Nayeon also has the innocent and playful heart of a true maknae.

She just loves playing with stuffed animals…

Her baby voice is eerily on point…

And she plays well with other kids!

Not to mention the fact that she needs to be taken care of by Jeongyeon!

Photo: @_skylarz

Ever since TWICE’s survival show SIXTEEN, Nayeon has charmed fans with her youthful energy and quirky sense of humor.

She has the level of energy and brightness that only a maknae could have!

Nayeon might be the eldest member of TWICE, but she’s definitely the youngest at heart.

Anyone would believe that she’s TWICE’s maknae member!