Nayeon Revealed A Secret That Has Fans Calling Her A Real-Life Princess

Nayeon’s little secret about rainy days prove she’s truly a princess.

On a recent live broadcast, TWICE‘s Nayeon shared something interesting about herself and ended up blowing her cover. Now all her fans know she is a princess, pretending to be a K-Pop star!


Upon discussing rainy days, Nayeon strongly agreed when someone mentioned the tediousness of having to carry an umbrella.

“I really hate holding umbrellas. So I’ve never, ever bought one for myself.” — Nayeon


Nayeon explained it is “such a hassle to have one hand tied to holding the umbrella.” 

“I hate the feeling of having my hand be occupied with holding an umbrella.” — Nayeon


Nayeon claimed she would rather get wet than to hold an umbrella for herself.


Or, she could wear a box over her head like she used to in her trainee days.

Fans know, however, it’s only because she’s a princess and likes to have it held for her!


Fans found this quirk about Nayeon to be extremely cute. Plus, all these pictures of Nayeon sneaking underneath other members’ umbrellas are finally starting to make sense!


And judging by the members’ faces, they love spoiling princess Nayeon!


ONCEs stumbled across this picture and assumed this is what Princess Nayeon would look like, if she doesn’t have other members to escort her safely under their umbrellas.


With all that said, Nayeon indeed looked like a beach princess in these photos uploaded to TWICE’s official Instagram account. She eagerly noted the group’s new summer song drops in D-7 days.

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ONCEs patiently await for TWICE’s next summer song, “Dance the Night Away” coming soon!