Nayeon Spoils Possible Collaboration Between TWICE and BLACKPINK

It’s been speculated that there’s a possibility of a collaboration between TWICE and BLACKPINK after a few spoilers teased the possibility.

Recently, a post on Reddit picked up a little spoiler mentioned by TWICE’s Nayeon from their recent live broadcast. The surprise broadcast also included members Momo and Dahyun and the crew talked about their current activities.

As the broadcast continued, the members started a discussion about their nails and carried on talking about color options and designs. As they were talking about nail colors, Momo blurted out, “Pink!” Nayeon looked hesitant and then confessed, “I’m afraid I’m going to spoil something.” 

“So, there are some colors I have in mind,” said Nayeon. She then went on to list the colors black, hot pink, and red. Fans noticed that Momo and Dahyun’s faces seemed to give something away as Nayeon mentioned the colors. This led to talk that Nayeon may be hinting at possible collaborations between girl groups with colors in their names like BLACKPINK and Red Velvet.

Nayeon the “spoiler queen” somewhat validated the collaboration. Many fans believe that she likes to subtly hint at things in her broadcasts before they happen. For example, Nayeon used to include seemingly random gestures in her performances that would later show up in future songs and performances.

Nayeon hinted at some “TT” moves before the song was released.

Although there were no other hints on what the collaboration might be, a popular guess coming up online is a possible performance with BLACKPINK or Red Velvet at SBS Gayo Daejun.

Check out Nayeon, Momo, and Dahyun’s full video below!