Fans Are In Love With Nayeon’s Hands, And It’s Easy To See Why

How can such a bunny body have such big hands!

Everything about TWICE‘s resident bunny, Nayeon, is as cute and tiny as the animal she’s nicknamed after…except for her hands.


There’s nothing tiny about them!


The contrast between Nayeon’s smol bunny body and huge hands isn’t that apparent, until she compares hands with her members.


Height-wise, there isn’t a significant difference between Nayeon and Momo, so you might expect them to have similar sized hands. Not so! Nayeon’s hands make Momo’s look miniature…


…and turns Dahyuns hands into baby ones!


When these two take pictures together, the contrast is startling. Both these beauties have slender, delicate hands but Dahyun’s are much daintier by comparison.


You can even the size difference between Nayeon’s and Dahyun’s hands on these special plaques. Nayeon’s hand has extremely long fingers, which spread across the plaque. Even her thumb is long!


Dahyun’s fingers are shorter and her hand, in general, takes up much less space than Nayeon’s.


ONCEs are calling Nayeon’s large hands “one of the great wonders of the world”. They absolutely love them!


In fact, there’s an entire Twitter fan page dedicated to them!


Nayeon’s fans have also pointed out her matching foot size.


Again, Nayeon’s feet don’t look that big until you see them next to her members’.


Instead of taking away from Nayeon’s charm, her large hands and feet just make her ever more adorable though. In fact, she seems more bunny-like than ever!


Nayeon, your fans love you just the way you are. Never change!