Nayeon Opening Up On How TWICE Made Her A Better Person Will Melt Your Heart

They’re true friends for opening her eyes.

Even though all the members weren’t close when the group first debuted five years ago, TWICE eventually became comfortable with one another.

Thanks to all the growth they’ve experienced together and pushed each other towards, Nayeon revealed her members had transformed her into a better person.

They taught her valuable lessons that she couldn’t have learned anywhere else, “I think I learned a lot from being part of a group. I’ve learned something new.” The first helped her care for others.

Because a group has individuals with varied personalities, it forces them to come face to face with the fact that the focus is on them as a whole. Nayeon realized how to cater to others, even if she can’t have her way, “I personally learned how to be considerate for others…and to yield to others.”

On the flip side, there are times when you need to stick your ground and voice your opinion. If not, those thoughts and ideas could easily be drowned out by the other members. They taught her to advocate for herself, “I also learned how to argue for [myself].”

Although TWICE wouldn’t be where they are if any of the members had given up on their dream, other things in life aren’t worth the difficulty it takes to achieve them. Those are the moments where Nayeon has learned to stop it from going any further, “I learned to give up sometimes.”

Most importantly, it’s easy for members of a group to be overlooked because of everything that’s going on at any given time. Nayeon discovered that it’s important to value them all, no matter what, “I also now know that individuals’ lives matter, and we should respect them in a group.”

If Nayeon didn’t have the members of TWICE by her side to grow with and experience the good and bad in life, she wouldn’t have learned these valuable lessons and opened her eyes to the beauty of how strong they are together.

True friends are individuals who can challenge you and push you to grow—even when it’s uncomfortable. Nayeon has that in TWICE. Listen to her heartwarming words of how they helped her become a better person.