Nayeon’s colored contacts make her look exactly like a bunny

TWICE‘s Nayeon recently appeared at a fansign wearing adorable colored contacts and rabbit ears, transforming her into a cute bunny.

TWICE have become known as the queens of aegyo in K-Pop. From their famous “Shy Shy Shy” to latest sensation “TT,” TWICE are undeniably adorable.

But, member Nayeon may the cutest member in the girl group. Becoming known for her adorable and sexy looks from her adorable “toothless smile” to proving she can pull off any sexy outfit. Nayeon seems to be able to pull off any look thrown at her.

At a recent fansign, she wore her newest look and proved she can look identical to a small bunny by wearing hazel contacts and fake bunny ears. With her youthful babyface, Nayeon showed off her amazing aegyo skills to fans, who captured the moment on camera.

Take a look at Nayeon’s adorable new look below.

TWICE Nayeon
Nayeon looked as cute as a bunny during TWICE’s recent fansign.
TWICE Nayeon
Her bunny ears and light hazel colored contacts showed off her amazing baby-like looks perfectly during the event.
TWICE Nayeon
Her adorable bunny like cheeks are undeniably cute.
TWICE Nayeon
Nayeon always gives amazing fan service while she looks adorable posing for fans. She is a real life bunny.
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