NBC’s new all Asian cast drama to be filmed in South Korea and focus on chaebols

American broadcasting company, NBC is creating a new family drama based on Korean chaebols (the affluent 1%).

Chaebols are members of the highest class in Korean society, those who live rich and luxurious lifestyles.

The drama will be based on conflicts that arise between the members of family-owned mega corporates in Korea, like Samsung.

Albert Kim, the producer, and showrunner of the show Sleepy Hollow, will be in charge of producing the show.

Albert Kim shared his excitement for the project on his Twitter.

The drama will tell the story of an ordinary woman who grew up in LA, not knowing her background as a chaebol, who becomes one of the candidates as the next heir of a large Korean electronics company.

The story will unfold as the CEO of the company dies, leaving a will designating a mystery heir.

This show is creating much curiosity and excitement for being one of the pioneers in American TV show for casting nearly all Asian actors.

As well as introducing the dramatic and controversial subject of Korean chaebols.

Although not much has been set about the upcoming show, and netizens are excited about the upcoming American version of a chaebol drama.

Source: Segye News