Here’s Why NCT 127 Changed The Title Of “Favorite (Vampire)” And What One Of The Original Titles Were

The staff tried to stop Doyoung from spilling the tea but couldn’t.

Since the title of NCT 127‘s “Favorite (Vampire)” was changed slightly after its release, Doyoung revealed what caused it and shared one of the titles that it could’ve been instead.

Doyoung | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

During the live broadcast that counted down until the music video’s release, the group discussed how some of them hadn’t known the title had changed at all.

Doyoung mentioned that it went from “Favorite” to “Favorite (Vampire)” due to SM Entertainment‘s founder Lee Soo Man, who was inspired to try out new ideas.

I heard Mr. Lee told them to add it. He said, ‘Let’s put it in.’ But he said since the vampire theme is so nice, he wondered what else could be added in the title.

— Doyoung

Smiling, Doyoung revealed “there were other candidates” for what the song was called and attempted to share some until their staff gave the signal not to. He asked, “Should I not talk about it? I want to say them.

After laughing, he decided to share just one. Doyoung said, “I heard they tried to add Immortal Love. But, luckily it became Vampire.

Although most of the members tried not to react, Jungwoo burst into laughter while Yuta said, “I like them both.

Regardless of which one you prefer, everyone can admit that “Favorite (Vampire)” rolls off the tongue easier. Watch Doyoung spill some of the tea about the title track here.