NCT 127 Doyoung’s Flirting Fail Had Everyone Feeling The Secondhand Embarrassment

Doyoung was feeling the embarrassment 😂

While NCT 127‘s Doyoung is gifted with lovely vocals, his flirting skills had everyone feeling secondhand embarrassment.

Doyoung | @do0_nct/Instagram

MMTG host Jae Jae shared an “unbelievable” moment from one of NCT 127’s fan signings. An NCTzen “asked Doyoung to do a poem with the two letters from the word noona (older sister/woman)” that didn’t turn out at all how they expected.

The first line of the poem is, “Who is the cutest and the loveliest person in the world?” It’s then supposed to be followed with, “Me.” Although Jae Jae pointed out “the fan obviously wanted to hear that,” Doyoung did something much funnier.

Before Jae Jae could say it, Jaehyun was already feeling disappointed for his fellow member. Instead, Doyoung had said “‘I’m supposed to say, “Me!” right?’” Even Doyoung couldn’t help cringing at his own answer.

While the members laughed, Taeyong spoke for them all when saying, “That’s too bad…” That didn’t ruin Doyoung’s positive spirit, though.

Doyoung instructed everyone to anticipate their next fan signing where he would show off his improved flirting skills. Until then, check out the retelling of the embarrassing moment here.