NCT 127’s Doyoung Reveals Why Their “Kick It” MV Had So Much Of An Impact On Fans

He truly revealed everything on his mind!

NCT 127 recently made a comeback, and Doyoung had opinions about it!

NCT 127 made their recent comeback on March 6 with heir second full album titled Neo Zone and title track “Kick It”.

On March 10, the group released a reaction video for their MV, and amidst all the hoots and inside stories, Doyoung gave an insightful piece of information that makes a ton of sense!

The MV for “Kick It” features lots of martial arts moves and striking visuals in terms of the set…as well as the members’ abs.

Yuta first expressed his sadness at there not being longer as well as more shots of Johnny’s abs being shown to the world, because who should be denied that?

And as Johnny‘s solo shots were shirtless, as were Jaehyun‘s and Taeyong‘s, Doyoung believes that’s what made the MV so impactful!

First Taeyong showed up, then Johnny and Jaehyun, and they all took off their clothes!

So because the naked guys all showed up in the beginning, the impact is really fantastic!



Watch the whole video below!