NCT 127 Doyoung’s Plan To Celebrate First Place Win Left Taeyong Shook

Mark and Doyoung were loving his reaction.

While promoting their title track “Favorite (Vampire)”, NCT 127 appeared on Music Bank and shared how they’d celebrate a first-place win.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Doyoung revealed an idea so unexpected that Taeyong‘s reaction made him and Mark crack up.


Tying into the title of their track, Doyoung said all the members would celebrate by planting a kiss on their favorite member.

Our song’s title is ‘Favorite (Vampire)’. It means [what’s liked] the most.

If we win first place, we will go to each other’s favorite member and give [them] a kiss whenever there’s the lyric ‘favorite.’

— Doyoung

Haechan was more than ready, puckering his lips to prepare. Taeyong seemed to feel the same, clapping along—until the words finally registered.

Sporting a shocked look, Taeyong slowly turned and looked at Doyoung. His reaction was so priceless that Mark and Doyoung couldn’t stop themselves from cracking smiles.

Though they had to save their kisses this time, Taeyong’s reaction to doing it will probably be twice as funny. Watch the humorous moment between them here.