NCT 127’s Doyoung Revealed The Pressure Of Promoting During The Pandemic

It’s changed a lot of things he hadn’t expected.

Thanks to a sit-down with his brother, actor Gong Myung, NCT 127‘s Doyoung was able to relieve some stress by opening up about how the pandemic has changed his life as an idol.

Although NCT 127’s Japanese mini-album LOVEHOLIC and NCT U‘s promotions were both successful, Doyoung revealed that it hadn’t felt as impactful as before. He said, “Since we can’t see our fans because of COVID-19 (coronavirus), I don’t think we had the energy to build up.

Their hard work earned the group a much-needed break, but Doyoung didn’t quite feel that way. He admitted, “So, I don’t think it’s okay for me to take a break right now.

Even though a break was needed for “practicing, learning something new, and learning songs,” it also added a new layer.

Doyoung added, “There’s a little bit of that kind of pressure. That’s how it feels.” Doyoung doesn’t have to be so worried, though.

Fans know the boys are doing their best, causing NCTzens to do all they can to support the group as well.

See Doyoung open up about the new pressure introduced by the pandemic here.