NCT 127’s Doyoung Reveals Taeyong Wanted To Get Couple Rings

Doyoung didn’t quite go along with the plan.

Since every member of NCT 127 naturally wasn’t as close with each other when they first debuted, they’ve closed that distance over the years, becoming closer than ever.

Among them, one of the friendships that’s always been strong is the bond between Taeyong and Doyoung. In a behind-the-scenes clip from their “Punch” promotions, there was even a set of couple rings involved.

When Doyoung used his free time to catch up on some video games, he completely put it to the side when Taeyong appeared. Reaching for his arm, Doyoung wanted all of his attention, “Come here.”

After Taeyong switched his snack to his other hand, Doyoung got precisely what he wanted. He sweetly held Taeyong’s hand while revealing just how close their friendship is, “Taeyong wanted to customize couple rings with me.”

Although Doyoung had even kissed Taeyong’s hand, he couldn’t stop his savage side from coming out. Taeyong couldn’t get the customized couple rings he’d wanted. Doyoung explained, “So, I didn’t tell him my ring size.”

Taeyong hadn’t been phased at all, laughing at how Doyoung had dodged him. They’ve been friends so long that they don’t need a set of rings to remind them.

Maybe Doyoung will eventually cave in because it would make Taeyong happy. Watch the sweet and funny moment between the best friends here.