NCT 127’s Doyoung Reveals The Type Of Group He Hopes NCT 127 Will Be In The Future

We think his wish has already come true!

NCT 127 recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of their debut and gathered as a group to reminisce about their past and share their hopes for the future.

Luckily for all of us, they uploaded a video of their anniversary celebration to YouTube!

In the video, the group talks about career milestones like filming the “Cherry Bomb” music video, performing on tour, and preparing for their most recent comeback with “Kick It.”

| NCT 127/YouTube

They also shared a few laughs over ripping their pants on stage, joking around on tour, and hanging out at Johnny‘s house in Chicago.

| NCT 127/YouTube

The celebration took a sentimental turn when Doyoung said, “In a recent interview, I was asked what sort of group I wanted NCT 127 to be in the future.” 

He asked the members to guess how he answered the interviewer’s question.

| NCT 127/YouTube

Doyoung told the other members that he answered the question by saying he wanted NCT 127 to be a group with great fan loyalty.

 I realized there are times we can’t conquer with our own strength. No matter how much I want it, it’s not like the company can make it happen for sure. Sometimes, it won’t happen no matter how hard we try. So I just thought in the whole process, I wished that we build a strong relationship with our fans, just like best friends with the fans.

— Doyoung

| NCT 127/YouTube

Although Doyoung said he hopes NCT 127 will have a strong relationship with fans in the future, we think his vision for the group has already come to fruition! NCTzens love getting to know the members through live streams, DearU Bubble messages, and fan meets, so we know the fans value NCT 127 just as much as they value the fans.

Check out the full video below!






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