NCT 127’s Doyoung Shows Off “It” Items He Owns

We want everything too!

In another episode of NCT 127‘s 24 Hour RELAY CAMDoyoung showed a bit more of his personality as he showed his room around.

Doyoung was in charge of entertaining NCTzens at the 4am to 6am mark, and he was struggling to think of an engaging content for fans to see since there’s really nothing much to do at that time.

But, he decided to show NCTzens around his room a bit!

Doyoung showed his polar bear and penguin stuffed toys and his bed, with a painting of a plant placed on his bed’s headboard. Beside it are some scented candles and a beaver stuffed toy.

He introduced his rosemary plant to the camera saying, “This plant is rosemary. It has a wonderful fragrance. It’s my favorite plant.”

He also makes sure to show us how he waters his plants and that he takes care of it really well.

Doyoung admitted that he’s been into doing “coloring-by-number” activities and shows NCTzens the current project he’s working on.

The artwork looks very tedious and Doyoung shared that he though he did a lot, but turns out he hasn’t been moving very fast. “I thought I did a lot, but I’ve just done number 2 so far,” he shared.

He gives up on coloring after a while because he felt too sleepy to continue with it, which we obviously all understand and relate to.

Doyoung makes sure to show the viewers his cool and elegant flower lamp too!

Doyoung also showed his beam projector which he uses to watch movies or series or, anything, really.

Doyoung ended up entertaining himself and watching some shows instead. He filmed himself watching the show and although fans wanted to watch with him, they don’t mind because Doyoung’s cute facial expressions are more than enough to keep NCTzens entertained!

Doyoung gave fans a peek into his life through his mini room tour and, his fans are thankful for allowing them to get to know their favorite idol more.

Watch Doyoung’s 24 Hour RELAY CAM here: