NCT 127 Drops Mysterious ‘SUPERHUMAN’ Teaser… And We Should’ve Seen it Coming

It’s your friendly neighborhood NCT 127 here with a brand new teaser.

On April 16 NCT 127 ‘flew’ onto our timelines unexpectedly with a new teaser.

NCTzens are reasonably shook to their core, because where did this come from?

Another NCTzen made an observation that we should’ve picked up on. In a picture posted yesterday, on April 15, a few members made super hero poses. Yuta posed as Spiderman, while Jaehyun and Taeyong made superman’s signature flying pose.

These ‘spot the difference’ games are getting harder and harder.

There are also a couple of other spoilers we should’ve noticed. In the tweet from yesterday, Mark also says that ‘NEO CITY’ starts “now,” when their first tour date isn’t until April 24. Hmmm…

Also, the day prior, during a tweeting spree, Jaehyun admitted that he was busy “working on an album with new songs.” HMMM…

Whatever form this new comeback takes, its clear that NCT 127 is coming back soon to save the day! ‘SUPERHUMAN’ will most likely drop before their North American tour officially starts on April 24 in New Jersey.