NCT 127 Respond To Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Covering Their Song

Yoona didn’t have to worry about not feeling confident.

To celebrate her birthday, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona decided to do something a little different than she did last year. Instead of gifting fans with another video of a girl group dance medley, she chose to flip it.

She uploaded a medley of the hottest boy groups, including her fellow SM Entertainment artists like NCT 127.

To kick off the gift with a bang, Yoona jumped right into the song all the idols have been covering. Throwing up her hands, she nailed the powerful “Kick It”.

From the hand and leg movements, she didn’t forget any of the point dances. Even so, she hadn’t felt as confident about it. She claimed, “I’m not totally satisfied with it, but I tried my best.”

Of course, the cover didn’t go unseen by her juniors. It turned out that Yoona didn’t have to worry at all.

The group commented under the video with positive energy. In addition to wishing her a joyful birthday, they were pleased their senior would take the time to cover their song. They wrote, “Sunbae-nim, thank you! Happy birthday!”

Yoona cutely feigned shock that they had seen it. Still, she didn’t think she’d done the dance complete justice, “It’s NCT. I couldn’t follow hoobae-nim’s feel. Thank you.”

Anyone would be delighted to have such an experienced idol covering their dance. Based on NCT 127 and fans’ reactions, Yoona slayed it.

Check out Yoona’s cover of “Kick It” that NCT 127 were honored to see.