NCT 127 Had To Guess Each Others’ Lip Prints Correctly, And Chaos Ensued

How were they supposed to guess correctly?

As part of a collaboration with Nature Republic, NCT 127 sat down to design their own lip balms for the brand, and to play some games while they were at it. Seeing as they had to create a lip balm, they played an appropriately themed game—match lipstick prints to the right members! And, predictably, the members were a whole chaotic mess while trying to guess which lips were whose.

Each member started out by leaving their lipstick print on a piece of paper. They were given three of the lipstick prints, and the member who managed to guess all three correctly was to grant the wish of another member at random (which rather sounds more like a punishment than a winning prize).

| (Nature Republic) 네이처리퍼블릭/YouTube

Guessing which lipstick prints belong to whom is understandably difficult, and NCT 127 had no better plan than to shout out random combinations of names in the hopes of getting it right.

But no one was able to guess correctly. Taeil tried to guess himself, but was hilariously disqualified straight away.

Mark showed promise when he voiced his suspicion and guessed himself correctly for the first lip print, but he still did not get very far.

And even with the hint for the first lipstick print, the others still weren’t able to guess the remaining two. That is, until Haechan correctly guessed that third lip print was Jaehyun‘s, leading Doyoung to get suddenly hit with inspiration and guess all three correctly at once!

Surprised that the second print had been his, Johnny hilariously pointed out how pretty his own lips were…

…while Mark hilariously reenacted how he had smooched the paper.

As winner of the game, Doyoung picked one of the members’ wishes at random. The members all immediately burst out laughing when they saw that Doyoung had picked Yuta‘s, which simply said, “Nothing. Stay by my side as you are.”

The members always know something funny will happen when Yuta’s name gets called, and, of course, Yuta never disappoints.

This chaotic game of matching each others’ lip prints was only one of the activities NCT 127 did with Nature Republic—you can watch the full episode of the collaboration below, and see the members design their own lip balms!