NCT 127 Haechan And Mark’s Telepathy Had Both Of Them Shook

Neither of them had been ready.

Since Haechan and Mark are the only two members who promote in both NCT 127 and NCT DREAM, the two know each other more than even they realize and proved it on an episode of MMTG.

Mark and Haechan.

During NCT 127’s appearance on the variety show, half the members passed the time waiting for host Jae Jae with a quick game. When Taeyong mentioned a “humpback whale,” Haechan and Mark’s thoughts were headed in the same direction.

Immediately thinking of the sea, Mark and Haechan didn’t hesitate to sing the lyrics, “I will dive,” from NCT DREAM’s song “Dive Into You”.

Before either of them could finish the full line, “I will dive into you,” their mouths dropped open as they stared at each other in total shock. Mark couldn’t resist laughing.

Even when they’re not trying, Haechan and Mark are on the same page of the same book.

| @nct_dream/Instagram

Watch the two amaze even themselves with how well they understand each other.