An Interaction Between NCT 127’s Haechan And Their Staff Is Making Everyone Soft

They were super protective of the youngest member.

NCT 127‘s Haechan‘s quick return to his busy schedules left fans concerned about his health. A caring moment between him, Johnny, and their staff took away some of that worry.


As the group made their way through the airport, fans noticed how sweetly Johnny treated Haechan. Placing a hand on Haechan’s shoulder, Johnny was a source of comfort. Another person was just as ready to support their youngest member.

One of their staff members gently urged Haechan forward in line, resting a hand on his back.

Even after Haechan moved up, their staff member kept a protective hand on his back and kept watch over him.

The moment caught fans’ attention for Haechan getting soft “baby girl” treatment and how careful everyone was in watching over him.

As the youngest member, one of the perks is getting babied by those around him. And Haechan deserves a bit of comfort.