NCT 127 Jaehyun’s Affection Had Mark Seeing His Life Flash Before His Eyes

It’s what NCTzens dream of. Mark? Not so much.

In the first behind-the-scenes clip from the jacket filming of NCT 127‘s Neo Zone, the members were having all the fun in the world jamming to songs and playing around with each other.

Spotting an opportunity to have an affectionate moment with Mark, Jaehyun couldn’t pass it up.

Since Mark had been sitting on top of the van for filming, Jaehyun had an idea when they were finished with the scene and moving onto another one. Grabbing the ladder Mark had used, Jaehyun moved it out of the way, preventing him from going for it.

Jaehyun didn’t want him to use the ladder. Like something right out of a movie, he’d wanted to catch Mark himself. Jaehyun opened his arms wide, preparing for him to jump into them.

Although fans dream of such a grand show of affection, Mark wasn’t too fond of the idea. Too scared to do it, he stayed right where he was. He said, “No, wait.”

Knowing he had to get down, Mark pushed past how scary it was and tried to do it all by himself, “I’ll just go.” Inching toward the edge, he slowly slid his feet down the side of the van. That idea quickly went out of the window as soon as he did it, though.

Jaehyun got precisely what he’d wanted. Realizing that was the best option, Mark put his complete trust in him by jumped right into his arms. The way he’d clutched onto Jaehyun afterward showed just how scary it had been.

From the bright smile on Jaehyun’s face as he spun Mark back on his feet, no one could’ve ruined how sweet the moment had been for him.

Although the van wasn’t that high, fear makes everything seem scarier than it is. For Mark to jump into his arms proved just how close their bond is and how much they trust each other. If that isn’t heart-warming, what is?

Watch the moment between Mark and his caring hyung that’s warming NCTzens’ hearts one by one.