NCT 127’s Jaehyun And Johnny Choose Their Most Exhausting Choreography

They make it look easy, but it’s harder than you’d think.

Ever since their debut, NCT 127 has never shied away from choreography that was eye-catching because of its complexity.

Because of that, Jaehyun and Johnny were asked to pick the choreography they thought was the most difficult, through a fan question submitted for their interview with W Korea.

According to Jaehyun, their choreography was more tiring than it was difficult, “Actually, it’s not that difficult but rather exhausting.”

With this distinction in mind, the two jumped right into the dance moves that left them briefly rethinking their life choices.

For Jaehyun’s first pick, he pointed out their debut track “Fire Truck” as one of the most tiring choreographies to complete. “What’s physically exhausting is, I think ‘Fire Truck’ is among the top ones.” Johnny had another title track in mind.

He chose one that was just as upbeat but with details that made it more exhausting, “For me, it’s ‘Cherry Bomb.’ While practicing ‘Cherry Bomb’, we learned about the energetic small… A pain in the ass small movements… We had to be really strong for that.”

Johnny couldn’t forget about a part in “Kick It” that turned out to be really tough on his body, even for someone as fit as him. While it seemed like a part where they were taking a breather, it was the opposite:

One of the hard parts in ‘Kick It’, Jaehyun does come out a bit later. During Doyoung’s part, we all lie down, and we have to gradually stand up. It’s kinda similar to planks. It’s a chilling out part in the song but it feels just as if my body is on fire.”

That reminded Jaehyun of another tiring part of “Kick It”. It wasn’t the choreography that was particularly difficult, though. “For me, it’s right before that. Right before that sequence. You know that part just before the falling?”

Finding the right camera and singing his lines after the choreography was a bit disorientating, “While singing, ‘And I’m gonna kick it like Bruce Lee,’ each broadcasting station used a different camera. So, since it kept on changing, it was difficult for me to find which one was shooting me.”

From their performances, no one would’ve been able to tell that Johnny and Jaehyun were having such a tough time during those parts. That’s the true mark of an experienced group.

Check out their most exhausting picks from their choreography here.