NCT 127’s Jaehyun Opens Up About His Thoughts After Wrapping Up The Group’s First Tour

You can feel the gratitude from his words.

NCT 127‘s Jaehyun graced fashion magazine High Cut for its first issue for 2020.

He wore a mix of vintage clothing such as windbreakers, and accessorized with various types of bags to create a trendy look!

He also opened up about wrapping up NCT 127’s first tour in 2019, and shared that it was the most meaningful thing that happened to him in the past year, and that he learned a lot.

The most meaningful thing this year was the successful completion of NCT 127’s tour. I learned a lot, and thought a lot in order to become more mature. It was a year where I was able to learn things that I personally wanted to learn.

Jaehyun expressed his gratitude for being able to do what he wants to do after finishing the tour.

I’m glad I became a singer. We can continue to move forward because there are people who cheer for us. If you continue to watch more of me, you will get to know me more.

When he was asked what the secret to success is in the overseas market, Jaehyun answered, “We’ve challenged various concepts, and we have no fear to try out new things. We continue challenge new things both in our music and in our performances. We are slowly making progress, and the feeling of accomplishment that we feel is bigger. We can also feel that the number of fans is growing.”

Source: 헤럴드POP