NCT 127’s Jaehyun Picks The Two Members Who Look Better After Hair And Makeup

He didn’t have to think twice about it.

After making a comeback with “Kick It” from Neo Zone, NCT 127 appeared on Weekly Idol to spill the funniest little-known facts during a segment created specifically for them.

For “127 Says,” a member picked a question and hugged the member who suited it best. The twist was that no one knew the question except for the member who picked it along with the hosts.

Since they all live together, the question Jaehyun plucked fit perfectly: which member was unrecognizable in the morning? Based on the staff’s faces who’d seen the question, Mark could sense it wasn’t necessarily a positive one, “Their reactions are bad.”

Although there were eight members to choose from, Jaehyun didn’t need much time to think about who when asked. Instead of there being only one, he said, “There are a few.” Taeyong and Mark became even more worried about what the question was, especially since they didn’t know it.

After making the members anxiously await his choice, Jaehyun moved behind Doyoung and hugged him. He then explained why he’d chosen Doyoung, trying to avoid giving away the question.

Jaehyun kept it vague: “He’s better after.” It couldn’t get past Johnny. He caught on, saying, “After makeup?” Doyoung laughed as the members had an “Ah” moment. To everyone’s surprise, Jaehyun didn’t stop with one choice.

Moving from between Yuta and Taeil, Jaehyun stopped and hugged the latter. That confused everyone even more. Mark yelled, “What? What’s the question?” Jaehyun decided to give them a hint.

He pointed out that there are two things they do when getting ready. Johnny was ahead of the game once more, answering with “hair and makeup.” Being clever, Jaehyun stated that he’d chosen a member for each category.

If you’ve ever wondered how the members of NCT 127 look without their hair styled and makeup done, Doyoung and Taeil would be the hardest to recognize.

Although Jaehyun provided one hint, he left it up to everyone else to figure out which members belonged to which category. Johnny may have ended up providing the second hint, though.

Watch Jaehyun make everyone anxious before picking the members who look better after going through hair and makeup here.