NCT 127’s Jaehyun And SEVENTEEN’s Jun Can’t Escape The Logo Curse

They both can’t seem to win 😂

Along with MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk and APRIL‘s Naeun, NCT 127‘s Jaehyun has been a host of SBS‘s Inkigayo. While it’s created adorable moments between all of them, it’s also created funny ones for fans.

One of those moments is how often Jaehyun is struck by the humorous logo curse.

For WayV‘s “Bad Alive” performance on the music show, fans were happy to see NCT 97-liners Winwin and Jaehyun reunited. There was one funny problem, though. Half of the time, Jaehyun wasn’t even visible. Out of all the places for a logo to be, the green box was planted right in front of his face.

| @royaltysuh/Twitter

Making the situation funnier, Jaehyun’s face wasn’t only hidden at Inkigayo from the logo curse. In Naeun’s vlog, NCTzens had a laugh at how his face was blurred out instead, along with fellow co-host Minhyuk’s.

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Since it wasn’t the first and only time Jaehyun had fallen victim to his face being covered by a logo, it reminded everyone of someone else who can’t seem to escape the same fate.

No matter where SEVENTEEN‘s Jun makes an appearance, he often ends up covered with a logo. Whether it’s for SEVENTEEN’s own show or a music show, every single logo somehow finds a way to cover part of his face—if not all.

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At least the two aren’t alone in having the funny curse. The logo brothers have each other.