That Time NCT 127’s Jaehyun Got Back At Taeyong For Pranking Him With An Even More Savage Prank

You don’t want to cross Jaehyun in a prank war!

During the second episode of Haechan Radio, NCT 127‘s Taeyong related the story of how he had pranked Jaehyun after a music show performance—only for Jaehyun to get back at him with an even more hilariously savage prank!

When the members perform, they tend to have a lot of product in their hair to keep their hairstyles in place. So when he got a break, Taeyong had decided to wash his hair. Except, Jaehyun was one of the MC’s at SBS‘s Inkigayo at the time, and he needed his hair to look more natural for his hosting appearance—so Taeyong agreed to let him wash his hair first.


Taeyong was in a good mood that day, and, feeling mischievous, he decided to pour a little bit of cold water down Jaehyun’s pants while Jaehyun was busy washing his hair.

But even though Taeyong had only poured a small amount of water, he still feared retribution. When he went to wash his own hair, he hilariously tried to protect himself by holding his pants up while bending over the sink. But Jaehyun did not try to pour water down Taeyong’s pants. Instead, Jaehyun simply asked if he could have the ice from Taeyong’s coffee, since he likes chewing on ice. And, of course, the unsuspecting Taeyong let him have it.

After Jaehyun poured out the coffee, however, Taeyong began to get a feeling that he was up to something…and he was right, of course. But he was unable to stop Jaehyun from getting his revenge… Jaehyun hilariously (and mercilessly) poured the entire cup full of ice down Taeyong’s pants!

While Taeyong suffered in that moment, he remarked on Haechan Radio that Jaehyun’s prank really brightened the atmosphere in NCT 127’s waiting room, so he ultimately thought it was a fun experience. But what he did find mortifying is that Johnny had been secretly recording the whole thing! Haechan found it hilarious, though Doyoung agreed that Johnny is “a hunter. A sound hunter, he records all.”

Taeyong had been embarrassed about being filmed with his wet hair while gasping and grabbing at his pants…

…but luckily for him, Johnny did not post the video. According to Haechan, the members played lots of pranks on each other during the making of 2020’s Neo Zone album, so hopefully they will share more such stories in the future. But it seems like the moral of this particular story is…you don’t want to start a prank war with Jaehyun!

You can watch the full story on the link below!