NCT 127’s Johnny Unveils Who Has The Biggest Say When It Comes To Picking His Final Red Carpet Outfits

There are many people involved.

W Magazine recently caught up with NCT 127‘s Johnny while he prepared for the Gold Gala in Los Angeles on May 8.

NCT 127’s Johnny

Johnny’s “get ready with me” process was overall a relaxing one. He used the time when waiting for his hair and makeup to finish as an opportunity to sit back and enjoy his favorite music.

The getting-ready process starts with hair (and a quick scroll through my phone). [My playlist] changes quite often. Right now I’m into [Daniel Caesar’s] new album: ‘Cool’ is a good song I’m really enjoying.

— Johnny

His Gold Gala attire was sponsored by Thom Browne, a company known for their suits. In relation to the preparation process, Johnny revealed that he often has the top choice when it comes to his red carpet clothes.

Thom Browne kindly sent us three, so we choose from those options. We wanted something flashy, but not too flashy.

— Johnny

He surprisingly retains a great deal of autonomy regarding what he wears. While his team also gives their inputs, his preferences weigh the heaviest in deciding the final outfit.

I see the options, I try on the options. There is usually something I like and something other people like. Then we try to find the middle ground.

— Johnny

He makes it a point to hear all opinions out while still standing up for his own.

I like listening to people, but I also have my preferences.

— Johnny

This time, they were all in agreement that his accessories were to be simple and elegant.

We played around with a few ideas for the accessories, but ended up keeping it pretty simple with a bow tie and some gold jewelry.

— Johnny

Though Johnny prefers to wear all-black outfits, he often gives in to more unique options for the sake of variety.

I prefer all black, but I also avoid all black. Seriously! I want to wear all black in my heart, but then I know sometimes it can be boring.

— Johnny

As a result, his final look was both creative and classy—and it was chosen mostly by him!

Source: W Magazine


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